Controll Card

Raspberry PI

Location of control cards and Raspberry PI, must be taken into account that they do not fall under any of the 3 stepper motors and camera holder.


Cables from the stepper motors must also reach the control board.

There are different lengths of cables to step motors can be every 30 cm to 1 meter.


Best if all cables can go back to the back edge of the box, then they are not in the way when you open and close the box. It should be easy to service the scanner!


Power supplay XL4005


NOTE! before connection set to 5.1Volt

USB and HDMI cables take up a lot of space if they have to be rolled up in the box. Short cables are recommended!

Mount controller card, Raspberry PI and XL4005, with spacer ring (Distance-4mm.stl) and screw on

the cards in the base plate with a smaller wood screw.