T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Have found White LED CRI 95 seems to be good


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Note "Cree CXA1304" is available in several versions some are only CRI 80 the one I recommend is




if you buy from another supplier look for this in technical data or compare carefully.

The marking on the LED is "1304C"


- I have emailed this Swedish web store https://pchbutik.se/ and told them about this project so maybe they can start selling this LED?



Cree 1304 is good, but IKEA Solhetta is even a little better but becomes more complicated with power supply.

According to my measurement, Cree CRI has 92.8.

I use this myself on my scanner


Mounting on the top plate can be done in this way, or glue it with quick glue on 2 sides but not under the LED it impairs the cooling.


Another way is to use cooling paste such as is used for processors on computers.

Power supply


Cree 1304 starts to light at 8 volts, so the 12 volts already in the scanner must be used. This LED can withstand up to 1000 mA. But more than 500 mA is not worth stuffing in it does not shine so much more.


The easiest is to connect the LED to 12 volts with a power resistance of 5 (or more) watts / 4.7 ohms to the + connection. The power consumption will then be 470 mA.


Note 4.7 ohm is for this LED with Voltage forward 8 volts other LEDs can be both higher and lower VF read more to calculate the correct value https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/engineering/forward-voltage


If you already have an RGB driver, you can use a red channel, for example.


Do as follows:

Turn down the brightness to mine, measure the current with instruments and turn up to about 500mA.