T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Raspberry PI user interface - New ver 3.0 - / settings and operation.

Update in version 3.1

Bug fixes


- Notification if you forget to name folder


- No error messages when exiting the program

- Programs start in full screen better

- preview does not flash on exposure, does not always depend a little light or dark film


Thanks to Juan Remirez De Esparza France

Error handling help


HQ camera and original setting in user interface, each frame will be about 1.5 - 2Mb

Resume scanning type in the name of the folder in the popup box, enter the last box on previously scanned frames, for example 1230 then the next frame will be scanned 1231. If the last frames from 1200 are to be scanned re-enter 1199, then 1200 and so on will be written over with new frames.


Not sure what the folder was called? check with the "OPEN FOLDER" button.

Drive the film 1 frame, this function is convenient when the film gate is set, so the image is as above.

Scan negative movie, modern Super 8 movies are negative and provide very good quality.

The Python program is set for the HQ camera

 If the V2 camera is used, it is very important to change the program code.


Change the following ...


27. cexp =15000 /  Exposure value to 20,000 or what

                             will be best with your lens




Open the file manager. Close the file manager on X, then "CLOSE FOLDER"

The page is made for an older 4:3 monitor, Raspberry PI has output for HDMI, but most older monitors have DVI input. There are cheap adapters to buy to solve this problem.

Important when using the HQ/V2 camera


31. #camera.sensor_mode=2


No longer used for HQ, for users of the V2 camera - remove the # in front of this code


Rewind the movie, must be loaded around the rear rewind wheels! Not when the movie is loaded in filmgate.

Save frames on hard drive or a fast USB stick.

The easiest way is to use USB memory that does not draw a lot of power

as hard drives do, also applies to SSD drives. It is a bit of a problem to use hard drive if it takes power from Raspberry PI with separate power supply no problem. The disk must be formatted as fat32 which both PC and Mac can read.



Default name of disk is SMALFILM important to name the disk


#Change SMALFILM to any name on disk or USB memory

52. dir location = '/media/pi/SMALFILM/'




NEW-Color correction

New - Color correction


These values may need to be changed depending on the camera , light source and movie type



Try out what works best on your scanner and change the code. Due to mathematical limitations on computers, 2.2 must be entered as 22


# Basic start value color RED and BLUE 1-40

45. rg = 22

46. bg = 22


NEW - Take a picture without extending the film


Take a picture without extending the film.


This feature is for testing, take a picture look at it in computer color ok? Exposure good? Sharp enough?

# sharpness 0-100

40. camera.sharpness = 5


Have chosen to lower the sharpness, as it mostly emphasizes scratches on the film.