T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

This is a drill template, print it on A3 paper (or the right size if you have access to such a printer) it is larger than A3 paper but enter the dimensions on the left side to put it in the right place on the plate.


Attach the holes in the edges can be measured out in the right place


Before painting the metal plate, read the page  Assemble everything

The drawer under the plate is made of MDF 16 and 6 mm. It is very practical to be able to open the scanner at the front during construction and then for possible service and updating.


On the right side of the picture you can see a red LED indicating that power is on to the scanner. Green LED indicates film perforation trigger, not absolutely necessary so you can skip it or hide in the box if you want. I leave it to you builders to choose the model of LED small or large, with metal ring around?



On the back you can see the socket for HDMI / USB / switch / DC-in connectors



There are hinges on the back, there are many different models, choose something suitable.


Coloring of the plate and the box can be chosen according to your own taste, but the plate should be in some light color so you see that it is clean


This hole is for the camera's flat cable to fit

Iron plate 1 mm can probably be replaced with aluminum 1.5 mm with the same torsional rigidity

NOTE! If material other than metal is used, then extra cooling for the LED must be arranged as this will be quite hot and will break over time.

correction in ver 2.1

the large hole for the camera was not centered approx. 2mm wrong

and the middle hole stepper motor capstan wrong measurement specification 1mm wrong



If you are going to build with the new Tracktion stop 2023+

drill only marked hole! (used for the right screwing hole) The 5 other holes are not needed.


Fit the new traction stop part and drill 1 or 2 holes for cables.


New drilling plans will come later...