T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Mounting of White LED

The pictures show earlier, version of White led lighting, 3D print parts are updated.


The White LED is screwed to the metal plate and thus gets very good cooling. Before painting, apply a piece of electrical tape as shown in the picture

so there is a clean metal surface to attach the LED to.


Attach a piece of aluminum foil, with 2 pieces of double-sided adhesive tape. This then becomes a reflector for the light.

All pieces must be mounted centrally.

The trick to mounting the White lighting in the right place. Do this, attach the bracket to the box with double-sided adhesive tape (without the diffusion disc), push in the bracket a few millimeters. Place the drawer in the right place on the plate and press down on the bracket on the plate the bracket gets stuck and you can remove the drawer.


The panel is glued with Super Epoxy or similar

Mounting on the top plate can be done in this way, or glue it with quick glue on 2 sides but not under the LED it impairs the cooling.



Another way is to use cooling paste such as is used for processors on computers


ON-OFF and

DC in 12V




Raspberry PI

HDMI monitor

Raspberry PI