T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Have found White LED CRI 95 seems to be good


click here


Note "Cree CXA1304" is available in several versions some are only CRI 80 the one I recommend is




if you buy from another supplier look for this in technical data or compare carefully.



This LED is cheap € 2.36 but the shipping is quite  high minimum order 15 Euro

if there is interest

so I can buy a number,


I put on € 1 and the cheapest postage. You whoand  live in Europe email me if you are interested.


As an alternative, these go well but not as well

Stepper motor must be Nema 17, it is a size standard, it is sold by different manufacturers.


There are 2 variants shaft 5mm round and bevelled edge this is what you should look for. The shaft should be around 20 mm long, there are several variants here as well. Furthermore, there are not always contacts on the cord, so it is good so you do not have to put it on yourself since the cord is not too short, on mine they are 30cm shorter than so they should not be, preferably a little longer. Below link to one that. There are certainly in several places buy what suits you depending on where in the world you live.

If the distance (Stepper ‐ motor ‐ distance.stl) does not fit the one you get, say, I will post a custom one. The shaft protrudes 18mm above the plate, with my stepper motor.


As an alternative to the XL4005, this works well


Contacts are expensive, these contacts fit in the panel. Search for these in your home countries maybe you can find these cheaper?

Inside the scanner, these short cables are preferably needed under 1 meter.


USB-A to mini-USB


HDMI to Micro HDMI(Type D)


The Raspberry PI camera flat cable that comes with, is too short replace it to a 300 mm or 500 mm


Flex Cable for Raspberry Pi Camera - 300mm

HDMI connector