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Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Light source RGB compared to WHITE

I have access to the Wolverine MovieMaker Pro / 8mm scanner. Have compared it with T-Scann 8 and realized that RGB light is not so good.


Guess some of you out there in the world realized that too, but unfortunately I have not studied that part until now!


White light is not white, our eyes think it cameras have a different opinion.


Light color quality is measured in CRI or RA Light bulbs and halogen

lamps are best with a maximum value of 100.


Lamps in our homes should be at least 80. For photo / video it should be over 90. Below shows a halogen lamp for photo / video purposes the value 100. As can be seen on the bars, it shows all 15 colors in CRI / RA measurement correctly. We can see light with a wavelength of 400 nm to about 700 nm.


T-Scan 8 examples with the HQ camera and the old lens

Wolverine MovieMaker Pro

No color correction

T-Scann 8 RGB LED

T-Scann 8 WHITE led

These measurements are made with SEKONIC SPECTROMASTER C-800

Professional color meter.


Their LED light source behaves strangely, so this measurement is made with orange filter to dim the blue top on the left. Filter used Rosco E206 1/4 CT orange

Halogen lamp would be the perfect light source for a scanner, unfortunately a LED of 3 watts corresponds to about 20 watts with halogen lamp which generates a lot of heat and draws a lot of current. Standard 3 watt LEDs available for purchase can be found at around 80 CRI / RA. Like this one from greenice.com


The one I tried to scan with here to the top of the page comes from electrokit.com where it does not say CRI / RA but according to my measurement 76.3 and 6000k is a measure of how white, lamps in your home are at about 2700k warm white .

As I said before, light sources for photo / video should be over 90

this LED lamp from IKEA "Solhetta" is marked as over 90 according to measurement 95.5 very good value 4000k which is within what I consider appropriate 4000-6000k.


Unfortunately, this LED runs at 230 Volt, if you take it apart, you can run it directly at 66Volt. Now these LEDs are in series and sit close together, so it is difficult to connect these in parallel, which would be very good could then drive these on 12 Volt which is in T-Scann 8.


Those of you who have the knowledge to connect 230V can open the lamp and divide the LED plate and power supply and mount the LED plate in the same place as the current RGB LED.


It should be pointed out that 66 volts should be used with caution as well.

Tip for opening the lamp is to clamp the glass cover in a vise.


Warning 230 Volts is nothing to play with!


It seems that good LEDs with a high CRI / RA consist of many surface-mounted LEDs that sit on a metal or ceramic plate to get good cooling. Looking for a ready-made solution which seems difficult.

Consider making a small series if it can be done at a reasonable cost. If you want to search the web yourself search for "LED 3 watt CRI" If it does not say anything about CRI / RA (name in Sweden) then the value is below 80.


Current RGB drivers can be used for white LED switch use only eg red channel. Will make new version with only one channel.


Below are links to LEDs mentioned on this page








IKEA solhetta