T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

This update is for those of you who have already built T-Scan 8 or are building. The hole in the metal plate for the camera 85 x 52mm does not need to be changed. The same microscope lens (without aluminum ring) is used for the HQ camera. The lens is mounted with a C-CS adapter that comes with the HQ camera.


Do not expect any miracles with the HQ camera, it will be sharper so you do not have to add sharpness. The super 8 movies I have tried with may not be the sharpest. I think that today's super 8 film negfilm 50 Asa is much sharper, so if you have filmed with such a film, this update will make a difference. I will be able to borrow such a film from a scanner builder in Sweden pretty soon.


I'm researching how to take raw photos. The problem is that it takes quite a long time per image about 5 sec, I want to keep the current scanner speed 60 images per minute. If any of you out there in the world have any good suggestions on how to solve this feel free to send me an email.


Will customize the Raspberry PI user interface a bit, to fit the HQ camera coming soon ....


Will continue working with the HQ camera with a different lens which requires larger holes in the metal plate.


After much use of the HQ camera. I think the image will be better but very difficult to set the sharpness and size of the image.Pretty soon I hope to be able to present a new design with this lens.




You who build a new buy this, wait for a new design of metal plate

there will be some changes of holes for the camera and placement of the rewind wheel.


Update 6 Feb has tested the new lens and is rebuilding my own scanner. It will be fine!


New part 1 September - The lens does not sit so firmly sideways, with this extra support it will be much better. Included in the 3D parts file below the image

M6X10 and M6X25


Holder updated, cable fits and a little more stable construction

Download STL files

Instructions on 3D printing

update sep 1