T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Glue all parts red marked with 2 component glue such as Loctite Power Epoxy.


sand the surfaces a little with sandpaper before gluing

- Height screwM6X10

- Locking screw M6X25 Nut

- M6 2 pcs


* Lens support ; should sit between zoom ring and lock knob. Do not sit too hard against the lens so it is not possible to turn the zoom ring and do not sit away from the lock knob


Press the nut into the hole in the same way as the glue and the nut at the front for height adjustment

M2 X 12 or (best) M2.5 X 12 and nut 2 pcs.


The camera should only be attached to the top. It should be movable at the bottom

The extra ring grooved should be on

comes with the HQ camera on delivery


Important to know

- Sharpening the ring on the lens is not what it is zoom

the focus is set by dragging the entire camera package from o back.


Set the image size as follows

Pull the camera forward so that it comes as close to the film as possible

then turn the zoom ring farthest to the left in the direction of the camera. Then rotate until the image reaches the desired size, adjust the focus by dragging the camera back and, if necessary, turn the zoom slightly further.


Adjust the height of the camera to cover the image and part of the film perforation.