T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Arduino to card Controll T-Scann 8

How the programs

    update july 19

Updated July 24 2022

With ver 1.61, the precision will be

to pull out the film frame by frame much better.

Should be used with new extra light protection phototransitor

see 3D print parts page.


Read more about this update - How the programs work -

1.61 fixed function "ONE STEP" should now work correctly

Ver 1.45 and higermust be used for the new

ver 2.0 user interface.

Save the file in the Arduino library, open the file from the Arduino IDE


windows 10 example


Raspberry PI user interface - ver 2.1 -

The arduino IDE program must be installed on your computer. Is for sending code to Arduino Nano and editing this code if necessary.





If you use Nano clone, from China, you also need to install Driver CH340G


You can see how to do this here





Read more about Arduino



Download - Raspberry Pi OS with desktop 32bit



To install symbian on 8GB SD card

you also need to download installation software



Once Raspberry Pi OS  installed, - Camera and I2C must be enabled



Some people have problems with I2C errors on the Raspberry PI side. Change in Config.txt "dtparam = i2c_arm_baudrate = 10000" link below how to change. The problem can occur already after 40-50 frames or after 2000 frames Thank you! Tobias Frid / Sweden for this tip.