T-Scann 8 - project page

Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner

Here are all 3 print (PLA) parts, a total of 43 different parts some to be printed in several copies.


All parts are tested and work on Flashforge Finder.

Some finishing work is required.


Test with "Capstan ‐ wheels" print it fits it perfectly on the step motor shaft, then the rest of the prints should fit well, if not there is a setting in the slice program to change the scale try to change a few percent.


The iron plate to which everything is attached is reported in dimensions on the page "Chassis structure"

Update 26 Aug. Smaller capstan wheels for increased precision.

Download 3D print parts

uppdate 2 feb

Print instruction resolution, color, number

Having been told that Amazon sells lens with 40mm Aluminum ring, print this file in such cases.

Download 3D print list

uppdate 2 feb