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Super 8 / Regular 8  film scanner


This project started in 2015,

with an idea that it would probably be possible to build a Super 8 scanner with a USB microscope. It worked but I was not happy with the image quality. Then I tried with industrial camera with microscope lens got better but not good. Found a scanner built on Youtube that used Rasberry PI camera and some mobile close-up lens, not good he still had the original lens + mobile lens. Eventually I realized that if I remove the original lens and then place the lens that came with the industrial camera in front of the Raspberry PI camera, I was happy with it. As far as I know, I am alone in this solution.


Now I could start my project to build a Super 8 / Regular 8 scanner. I had Arduino (limited) and electronics knowledge but not Python (Raspberry PI). I did not own a 3D printer, I did not know then how to make my parts, but I realized it later. So got to teach me CAD for 3D printing as well.


I have spent a lot of time learning to control stepper motors etc., and waiting for small packages from China has also taken a lot of time.

Because I have various other interests that have taken a lot of time now and then. In the summer of 2019, my scanner worked quite well.


Now I'm pretty happy, but will make small improvements that I will share with you later on this page. / Torulf Holmström Sweden







Watch T-Scann 8 in 3D, click on image opens on new page

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YouTube video showing how T-Scann 8 works can be found here.


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Dec 12


Great improvement with UV Led, can handle transparent film!


Raspberry PI user interface - New ver 2.1




PCB card has 2 pcs (Control T-Scan 8 + RGB driver) for sale 2 cards SEK 120 + shipping from Sweden Interested? send an email.